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    The water liquid occurs in the same boat with the stator of the motor. The 24 variantų forumas ring and the rotor blades of the motor form a variable capacity 24 variantų forumas true air pump. So what are the advantages of water ring vacuum pump?

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    Here is a specific introduction. The structure is simple, the production accuracy 24 variantų forumas not high, very simple production and processing; the structure is compact, the pump speed is relatively high, usually can be directly connected with the motor, without speed reduction equipment.

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    Therefore, with a small structure standard, it can have a large displacement and a small floor area; most of 24 variantų forumas compressed air is isothermal, that is, the temperature of the whole process of the compressed air changes little; because there is no metal material 24 variantų forumas the pump cavity that conflicts with the surface layer, it is unnecessary to carry out the humidification in the pump, and the damage is not big.

    The s of the rotating parts and the fixed card center can be immediately carried out by the exhaust valve; the water ring vacuum pump also has the advantages of uniform suction, stable and reliable operation, convenient use, quick maintenance, etc.

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    Together 24 variantų forumas the water ring vacuum pump is mainly used in coal, chemical plants, pharmaceutical industry, mining, paper industry, food, wine, decoration building materials, plastics, metallurgy, electrical and other industries.